Partial Federal Government Shutdown Possible Next Week

The current continuing resolution (CR) funding seven of the 12 annual appropriations bills expires at midnight next Friday (December 21). If Congress and the White House cannot reach agreement before then, nine cabinet departments and several dozen smaller federal agencies will shutdown.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) met with the President and Vice President earlier this week that was expected to be a private meeting negotiating the final spending bills. Instead, the President invited the press in to the Oval Office to cover the meeting. During that meeting the President said that he would be proud to shut down the government if Congress did not provide the funding he requested for the border wall.

There a few options Congress can consider to avoid a shutdown:

  1. Pass a CR funding the seven bills through December 26
  2. Pass a CR funding the seven bills through January 3 (the first day of the new Congress when Democrats will control the House)
  3. Pass a CR funding the seven bills through early 2019 (January-March)
  4. Pass a CR funding the seven bills for the rest of FY2019
  5. Pass a “minibus” funding six bills and a year-long CR for the DHS bill
  6. Pass a “minibus” funding all seven bills if agreement can be reached on how much funding should be appropriated for a border wall

The House does not return until Wednesday evening next week leaving only two days to pass something and prevent a partial shutdown of the federal government.

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