Successful companies must keep pace with changing markets, challenges from competition, transformations in their industry, technology and innovation, new business models, and mergers & acquisitions, as well as changes in the world of policy and politics. Vantage Point Strategies understands all of these challenges as well as the extremely complex legislative and regulatory processes. We provide clients with the political intelligence and advice they need to make smart, strategic decisions.

Legislative Strategy Development and Advocacy

Regulatory and Policy Analysis

Vantage Point Strategies identifies and tracks legislation (authorizations and budget/appropriations) and regulatory initiatives for our clients. We provide analysis on how these bills and regulations may affect their business as well as the prospects for them being enacted into law or finalized.

Political Strategy Development

Vantage Point Strategies works with our clients to develop well thought-out strategies to promote and protect policies and funding for federal programs of interest, and to mitigate adverse funding and policy proposals. We begin with a comprehensive needs analysis and thorough understanding of our client’s business, opportunities, and challenges. We then build a roadmap for achievement that is specifically tailored to that client. Washington DC is a dynamic environment; therefore our strategies are not static. We continue to adapt and refine them as necessary to ensure successful outcomes for our clients.

Political Strategy Execution

Once we have prepared a political strategy for our clients, we diligently pursue it to its successful conclusion. Effective advocacy efforts begin with persuasive communications specifically tailored to the appropriate audiences. We identify the key decision-makers and know how to prepare and present the information they need when they need it. Our strategies involve employing both offensive and defensive tactics that utilize the most advantageous legislative vehicles. We work to increase our clients’ visibility and credibility throughout the process. If appropriate, we can develop and administer coalitions and grassroots development to help build support for initiatives. We don’t just focus on short-term fixes, but instead understand the need for creating long-lasting beneficial relationships. Throughout the process we can de-mystify the Washington, DC culture and translate political vagaries while we continue to finely tune government relations strategies.

Political Research and Information Sharing

One key to making great decisions is timely and accurate information. Vantage Point Strategies can synthesize the overwhelming amount of incoming political and legislative information from DC to what is most critical for your decision-making process. We provide our clients with early and accurate views of timing and potential for government actions to support their competitive intelligence and due diligence effort, which in turn, is used to shape their policy and budgetary decisions or merger and acquisition targets.

Business Development

The federal government spends billions annually on products and services, yet it can be a very challenging process. Vantage Point Strategies can help identify opportunities in the government marketplace, create opportunities where they don’t yet exist, and build support when there are errors in the federal acquisition process.

Strategic Communications

A thoughtful and well-crafted government relations strategy requires effective strategic communications. Vantage Point Strategies helps our clients build their credibility and profile with key decision-makers in DC. We encourage these decision-makers to become advocates on our clients’ behalf through messaging, materials development, and media strategy executions. We can manage “fly-ins,” providing education and advocacy coordination for large organizations and diverse coalitions as well as political event promotions. Finally, in the unfortunate event of a crisis, we can help our clients with a political crisis communications strategy.