Vantage Point Strategies

The right to petition our government is provided by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. But the ability to petition the government effectively to achieve your company’s specific public policy objectives requires a deep knowledge of the federal government, its decision-makers, and the intricacies of the legislative and regulatory processes. Vantage Point Strategies has the expertise and contacts to help you successfully navigate this complex process.

What We Do

Legislative Strategy Development and Advocacy

Vantage Point Strategies identifies and tracks legislation and regulatory initiatives, developing and executing political strategy to promote policies and funding for federal programs of interest and to mitigate adverse funding and policy proposals.

Political Research and Information Sharing

Vantage Point Strategies synthesizes the political and legislative information from DC to what is most critical for the decision-making process, providing clients with early and accurate views of timing and potential for government actions.

Strategic Communications

Vantage Point Strategies helps clients build their credibility and profile with key decision-makers in DC. We encourage these decision-makers to become advocates on our clients’ behalf through messaging, materials development, and media strategy execution.

Business Development

Vantage Point Strategies helps identify opportunities in the government marketplace, creates opportunities where they don’t yet exist, and builds support when there are errors in the federal acquisition process.